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Walter Rossi - "All The Best"

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Review: "All The Best"

Walter Rossi is one of Canadaís unsung veterans of the music scene having been involved (without much recognition) as a musician since the mid-sixties.

Rossiís first professional gig as a guitarist was with Wilson Pickett's The Soul Mates then the Buddy Miles Express in the mid-sixties. Rossi later joined the Montreal based band The Influence in 1967. After one critically acclaimed album in 1968 the band split up and Rossi would go on to join a variety of bands; Luke And The Apostles (197071), Charlee (1972) and The Bombers (1978) before becoming a studio musician and a solo performer.

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Over the period between 1976-1994 Rossi would release five solo albums for the Aquarius Records label in Canada.

All The Best is the first compilation of Rossiís work from this solo period. With songs taken from all five of Rossiís solo albums, this compilation provides a fine introductory point for the appreciation of Rossiís talent and guitar prowess. This release by Unidisc Records, is an updated version of the 1980 Aquarius Records greatest hits package with additional liner notes and added songs to bring it up to date.

By Keith Pettipas, 2001

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